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Thane Lawrie

Author of The Buddhist CEO and former award winning CEO 

The Buddhist CEO Front cover final.jpg

New Book Launched 13th December 2022

Hamish's chance encounter with a Buddhist monk has a profound effect on his life. He dreams of becoming a monk one day, but he loves his family deeply, and at work his compassionate leadership unexpectedly makes him CEO of a struggling nonprofit. Over the years, he strives to apply Buddhism to everything he does, often seeking peace, solitude, and everyday answers at a Buddhist monastery.

Available on Amazon globally and at other online bookstores

Who is Thane Lawrie?

Thane Lawrie is an award-winning Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in his home country of Scotland.  A graduate of the University of Aberdeen and University of Glasgow,


Thane has had a diverse career which culminated in him leading and transforming a once struggling social enterprise and going on to win numerous prestigious business awards both locally and nationally, including the prestigious Sunday Times Top 100 companies to work for in the UK. 

Thane attributes success to nurturing a strong workplace culture focusing on the staff at the very heart of the organization. 

Thane is married with 2 sons and has been a practicing Buddhist for over twenty years.  This is Thane’s first novel although he has previously published in academic peer reviewed journals in the field of health science.

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