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Thane Lawrie's first novel The Buddhist CEO will be published by Koehler Books on 13th December 2022. The book is a fictional novel about one man's struggle to lead a deeply committed Buddhist life, whilst also trying to lead an organisation as a modern day CEO. He applies Buddhist principles to all he does as a leader. His company becomes a great success. Looking at his life from the outside he appears to be a great success. But internally he faces great struggles. Staff plot agaisnt him and mysterious physical symptoms force a spiritual reckoning. Is it possible for the Buddhist CEO to face these challenges and stay true to his core beliefs?

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Thane Lawrie is an award-winning Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in his home country of Scotland.  A graduate of the University of Aberdeen and University of Glasgow,


Thane has had a diverse career which culminated in him leading and transforming a once struggling social enterprise and going on to win numerous prestigious business awards both locally and nationally, including the prestigious Sunday Times Top 100 companies to work for in the UK. 

Thane attributes success to nurturing a strong workplace culture focusing on the staff at the very heart of the organization. 

Thane is married with 2 sons and has been a practicing Buddhist for over twenty years.  This is Thane’s first novel although he has previously published in academic peer reviewed journals in the field of health science.

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Thane's book is currently being edited by Koehler Books ahead of publication on December 13th 2022.  Keep your eye on this page for news on the development of Thane's novel The Buddhist CEO over the summer of 2022.  In the summer there will be a chance to vote for your favorite book cover to help Thane finalize the cover he should use.  Thane would love as many people as possible to vote so please keep an eye out for this.   Thane will be blogging regularly from now on so please check out the Blog tab and click subscribe



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