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Publication week update!

The week that I dreamed about all year finally arrived! As of Tuesday 13th December I can now say that I am a published author. A dream come true. This blog updates you with what I have been doing this week and more importantly how the book is doing.

It has been a busy week for sure and I have had a lot of interest from the media around the globe. I have had 12 very promising requests from professionals wanting to read the book with a view of inviting me onto their podcast, radio show or to write an article about the book. Most of these requests have come from the USA but not all. I am realizing that some of the interest shown will take time to come to fruition as I need to give people time to read the book first, but I feel the level of interest shown in the first week is a promising start. Here are some highlights from the week.

Next week on Wednesday 21st December I will be hosting a book launch at The Haven in Stonehaven. This is a special moment for me as I am currently the Chairman of this fantastic charity that does so much great work in the Stonehaven area of north east Scotland. All admission money raised on the night will go to the charity. If you are in the area check out the event here and buy yourself a ticket.

I have been booked to appear on the Instagram show of David Meltzer, check out David's website here David is widely regarded as one of the top business coaches in the world and his speaking fee is $100,000, so he is doing something right. I will appear on his show for a 10 minute slot discussing my book on the 9th January 4.05pm GMT. If you are on instagram you can listen in live on his show. I will post a recording in the blog afterwards.

On the 6th January I will be a guest on the Barry Moltz US based Small Business show. Check out his show here My interview will be recorded on 6th January but will air the following week, I will post a link in the blog when it is released,


My book has constantly been in the best seller Amazon top 20 new releases all week. I managed to get a screen shot showing the book sitting at 9th on the new release best seller list. It was as high as 6th at one point. I feel that is a good start to its journey.

You are maybe not aware but I am an avid Tweeter. Every morning I tweet an original Zen poem, and one of my own photos, that comes to me after I do my morning meditation. If you are on Twitter please follow me at @BuddhistCeo

Here are some of my Twitter Zen poem and photo highlights this week.

I sit zazen

The zendo is cold

My mind is not at rest

Resisting the cold

Wanting warmer weather

Despite this

Zazen reminds me

Deep down

Peace is always here

It’s not dependent

On external factors

Like hot or cold

Morning contemplation

After zazen

I walk in the forest

My breath

Forming clouds

In the cold air

My feet crunching

The frozen path

Curious birds

Watch from above

I smile and bow

Then continue on

If you missed my recent podcast appearance on the Woman on Her Path with the fantastic Tiffany Cooper listen on the link below. I was honored to be the first man to ever be invited on to the show and Tiffany is such a professional it was a joy to speak to her. Tiffany has also just told me that several of her listeners have reached out to tell her that they bought a copy of the book after listening to the podcast. Thank for having me on Tiffany!

This week to mark the publication of the book I have started to release some of the many endorsements that the book received prior to publication. I have set each endorsement to a photo, often my own photo. The first endorsement is from Reverend Master Mugo White a Buddhist monk at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey. Reverend Mugo is a certified Zen Master and I deeply appreciated that she took the time to read the book and provide an endorsement.

The second endorsement that I released is from the award winning American author Greg Fields. I am deeply indebted to Greg as he is one of the acquisition editors at Koehler Books, who published my book. It was Greg who picked my book out from the many he receives and recommended it for publication. I will always be indebted to this great man. His books are also worth a read. I used a stock photo for this background. In case you are wondering!

If you are new to the blog and it is your first read there are some interesting links below relating to the book. Peruse at your leisure and thanks for reading.

Thanks to @MoreScotand for their tweet about my book.

Many thanks to the Modern Tokyo Times for their article on my novel The Buddhist CEO

Many thanks to Mary Oyediran of the International Writers Podcast to discuss my novel The Buddhist CEO with her.

The Press and Journal, northern Scotland's leading newspaper runs a story about Thane and his novel The Buddhist CEO, click to read

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