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Update: The week before publication

I can't quite believe it but the publication of my novel is almost here. The book will go forth into the world next week on the 13th December. To purchase a copy check my homepage or shop tab above.

It feels like it has taken a long time to get here. It was almost three years ago I started to type the first words wondering if I would ever get to this stage. I am delighted to say that I have been getting quite a lot of interest in the book. As a result I am going to do periodic updates with links to the coverage the book has been getting. Please take a look below.

I was very pleased to receive such a positive review of my novel from Book Viral. Read here.

Thanks to EIN Newswire for their global press release about my book.

Delighted to announce that I will be holding a book launch at my favorite charity The Haven in Stoneheven, where I am proud to say I am currently the Chairman,

Thanks to @MoreScotand for their tweet about my book.

Many thanks to the Modern Tokyo Times for their article on my novel The Buddhist CEO

Many thanks to Mary Oyediran of the International Writers Podcast to discuss my novel The Buddhist CEO with her.

I am delighted to have been the first male to be asked onto the fantastic podcast of Tiffany Cooper, called Woman On Her Path, to discus life, our friendship and my book.

The Press and Journal, northern Scotland's leading newspaper runs a story about Thane and his novel The Buddhist CEO, click to read

Koehler books hold an online poll to choose the best front cover for The Buddhist CEO. Check out the choices

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12 dic 2022

Delighted for you! But especially for all of us who get to tap into your wisdom.

Mi piace
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