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March update: The Buddhist CEO goes to Hollywood

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Actor Ajay Mehta with my novel

Welcome to my latest update with all of March's news on my novel. Below I share where and how the book has been featured during March.

The most incredible happening in March has got to be my books appearance at one of the OSCARS events in Beverlyhills LA. It seems that my book has gone down well in LA. This is perhaps down to there being many Buddhists in LA and also a large business sector and huge interest in spirituality.

I have to thank the fantastic Monique Lore Stinson, 2 x Emmy Award Winning Producer, for taking the book under her wing and bringing it to this event in Hollywood. Check out some of Monique's work here

My novel was photographed with several world famous actors. Above the actor Ajay Mehata, who's incredible career has seen him appear in the Sopranos, Sex and the City, The Mentalist, Anger Management, NCIS, Eli Stone, Without a Trace, Nip/Tuck and Modern Family to name but a few. I deeply appreciate him taking the time to be visible with my book and I hope it might encourage others to read the book.

The book was also photographed with a hero of mine, Isaac Singleton Jr, who is the voice for the God Thanos in the Marvel films. I smile every time I look at this photo and find it hard to believe that the actor of Marvel fame is standing with my book in his hand. Thanks to you Isaac. Hopefully this photo will introduce my book to Marvel fans around the world.

Actor Isaac Singleton Jr, voice of Thanos in the Marvel films

Other great actors were also photographed with my novel and they all made me smile. Little did I think when I was sat alone writing my book at my desk that one day it would make its way to Hollywood and be photographed with international actors of great renown. It still feels slightly incredible.

The book was also photographed with

Peggy Tanous, who is best known for her role in The Real Housewives of Orange County. Again I felt very grateful to Peggy for taking the time to do this,

The book was also photographed with actor Miles Tagtmeyer. Miles was nominated for an Emmy Award for his performance in 'Broken' back in 2018. I was delighted that he was willing to take time out with my book. Thanks Miles

My great supporter Monique Lore Stinson was also photographed with her friend holding the book. Below are the photos of Miles, Peggy and Monique and her friend.

Bump In The Road Podcast

It was also a great pleasure to feature on the US podcast Bump In The Road, hosted by the fantastic Pat Wetzel. Pat's podcast focuses on people, like me, who have faced a bump in the road in their own life. The focus of her fascinating podcast is how people have managed to navigate their bump in the road moment and come out the other side stronger. We discuss my novel but get quite deep into how Buddhist practice can help us navigate the ups and downs of modern life.

Listen to our conversation here

Pat also writes a blog and here is a link to her post featuring me and my novel.

Me and Steve Lance on NDT show Capitol Report

I was asked to appear on the US news channel NDT show Capitol Report hosted by Steve Lance.

I was asked to give an opinion on the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. At first I wondered why they had asked me as I don't have a background in banking. But it became clear that they were aware of my novel and its central message about being ethical in business. They had wondered if perhaps the collapse of the bank had been down to leadership issues and they wanted an opinion from the Buddhist CEO. It is truly amazing how far the word of the book has gone. I really enjoyed being on the show and found Steve Lance to be a very personable and decent man. We talked for a while before and after the show and I enjoyed our conversation. To watch my appearance on the show click the link below.

Throughout March I have been sharing a daily zen poem on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook every morning. Each month in updates about my novel I share my two favourite poems and photos from the month. Please feel free to follow my social media accounts and you can read my poem every day for yourself. Here are my two favourties from March.

An old ruined church near Kemnay, Aberdeenshire


I came across an old

Ruined church

I sat and ate lunch

Within its walls

I thought of its past

People smiling as they

Christened their children

And sang hymns

Now it lies forgotten

In a clearing of trees


Misty morning

A morning walk

A thick mist

Has descended

On the coast

Sounds are muffled

The cliff tops

Feel eerie

Like I’m here

For the first time

I try to centre myself

And be at ease

With these strange surroundings

An unexpected teaching

That is March's update for you. Already there are more podcasts and articles booked for April as interest in the book continues. If you have enjoyed reading this blog please subscribe and also follow my social media accounts. You can also order your copy of the book using the shop tab at the top of the page. I will be posting some Buddhist blog posts this month and then at the end of April I will be back with another update on what has been happeing with the novel. Unitl then I hope you have a peacful April. Thanks for reading.

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